3 Garden Paths to Give you some Inspiration

3 Garden Paths to Give you some Inspiration 

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. That’s why we’ve put together 3 ideas for you to spruce up your garden path.

 Garden Path 1

Rustic Rope Top Edging + Solent Gold

Not only is this simple and easy to do, it’s also extremely practical. If you’ve got gravel down anywhere in your garden the worst thing is finding it on your grass. Especially when you find it with the lawn mower. Then the gravel finds your windows. Not great. Edging your path not only keeps the gravel where it’s meant to be, it looks great as well.

Garden Path 2
Carpet stone + Cotswold Buff

Simple filled in cobble stones bordered by Cotswold Buff stones. The contrast in colours really works.

Garden Path 3
Woodland Grande
+ Old Marseille

This is a "ruff" idea of how to combine Woodland Grande with Old Marseille Cobbles – both of which can be seen on our display.


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