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The best value kitchen you can get


We have a selection of Kitchens available from Gower Furniture. These kitchen are ideal for any landlords or property managers looking to renovate their property with a stylish modern kitchen for a fraction of the cost.


As anyone who’s got a new kitchen will tell you, it can be a confusing hellscape working out what it’s all going to cost. Kitchen quotes can be pages and pages of lines with prices, and you still don’t really know what you’re paying for until it arrives!


If you’re a landlord, property manager or a tradesman we know you’ve already got your hands full with the day to day. That’s why we offer simple, easy to understand kitchens that won’t break the bank.

This simplistic approach makes it easy for you to know what you’re getting with no surprises.


The kitchens come in 3 different styles



Available in 4 colours – Navy, Dark Grey, Grey & Cream



Available in 4 colours – Grey, Cashmere, White & Oak



Available in 3 colours – Dark Grey, Grey & White


The pricing is extremely transparent – ideal if you’re on a budget or looking to add value to a property. Below you can see an easy to understand pricing guide for a 7 unit kitchen.

 Price List

For more information download the brochure and full price list here.

 Price list

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