A new product from Browns that will render you speechless

Now in stock at Browns we have Parex. Parex is an easy to apply external render. Parex is synthetic, so you don’t get the colour variation from natural products like Yyrolean.


It’s already extremely popular with our existing customers and is flying off the shelves at a rate of nots.


In stock and ready to go we have:


Mono Blanco – A pure white finish


Mouse Grey – Modern grey colour


Off White- light Cream colour


All of these are a top coat colour that can be applied in one coat. You can use a variety of different finishes, from a fine sponge to a scraped back textured.


We also have all the different coloured render beads, protection coating and render scraping tools that you will need.


Call in to our Chequers Road branch for some expert advice.


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Email: enquiries@brownsbm.co.uk