5 Products to Breathe life into ANY Patio

To go with our new Landscaping display, we now stock a range of cleaning products that can bring any patio back from the brink.  This range of professional cleaners is so simple that anyone can use them.

 Landscape display

Even after only a year of normal wear and tear and patio can start to look dated (thank the English weather for that.)

If you think your patio needs a touch-up, read on.


Bonus: Artificial Grass Cleaner

 Grass Cleaner


For anyone with artificial grass, this is a must. This non-acidic, non-caustic cleaner is made to clean and sanitise your artificial grass and plastic decking.

It comes in either a 1-litre concentrate that you can dilute to cover a large area or a ready to use 750ml spray bottle to clean small problem areas. (think where the dog always goes)


1. Algae Remover


 Algae Remover

This fast acting cleaner also comes in a 750ml spray bottle or 1-litre concentrate. The concentrate can clean up ta a whopping 250m² if you need it to.

Results can be seen within an hour and it continues working for up to 12 months to keep algae off your patio.


2. Porcelain Cleaner

 Porcelain cleaner

Again this comes in 2 different sizes bottles, a 750ml spray and 1-litre concentrate.

Because porcelain is so hard wearing, when it gets a stain it can be tricky to get off. A high strength professional cleaner is needed to make sure you eliminate the stain without damaging the surface.

Fast acting and safe, the non-acidic formula means it can be handled without special gloves etc.

The concentrate will cover up to 300m².


3. Patio and decking cleaner



Not only does this product offer a professional clean on a patio – it can be used to clean decking, fences and sheds.

It continues working for up to 12 months to keep your patio and decking in the best condition. It’s a non-acid based formula which means it can be handled safely with ease. This also means it can be used on even sensitive surfaces like marble, limestone, sandstone granite.

It will cover up to 140m².


4. Grease and Oil away


 Oil Away

Remove all those unsightly oil and grease stains with ease. This product offers heavy duty cleaning without damaging sensitive surfaces, even when trying to remove stubborn stains.

As a bonus, this can also be used as a BBQ cleaner or anything else affected by worn-in grease.

This product is supplied ready to use and also boasts a non-acidic formula.


5. Black spot remover



Dealing with Lichen infestation is a real challenge with hard landscaping. Luckily, we can provide a solution to help get rid of those black and white spots on your patio.

Not only does it remove Lichen it also acts as a cleaner, but it also comes ready to use and will clean up to 25m².


Your patio is clean. Now what?


Natural Sandstone sealer and enhancer


Protect your now sparkling clean patio without a manufactured shiny look. Instead, bring out the natural colours in your patio and keep them in great condition.

Although this product is designed for sandstone, it can be used for any natural stone patio and works great as a stain, oil and water repellent.


Looking for something else?


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