Spring 2020 : Time for a Better Garden

Countdown to Spring 2020

In these winter months, inspiration can be hard to come by. Spring is less than 10 weeks away but it feels worlds away. It’s hard to even remember what your garden looks like in the sunshine, without a puddle in the middle of it.

Have no fear, we’ve put together our 10 best sellers from Spring 2019- and we are going to count them down every week till spring. Most of these products can be seen on display at our Old Nottingham Road Depot.

So if you’re looking for ideas on what to do for your garden in Spring 2020 stick with us.


Softwood Green Treated Sleepers


We will start with something versatile, there’s no limit to what you can do with Softwood sleepers. Some might get this confused with the old reclaimed sleepers – which were exactly what they sound like- reclaimed from old railway tracks. This meant that they came with all sorts of safety warnings because of the creosote products they came coated in.

With the green treated sleepers, you don’t have any of those problems. As the name suggests they come treated, and can be stained for a darker look. It’s no surprise to see these as a top seller for spring 2019, and I would expect the same for Spring 2020.

Let’s have a look at some great examples of what can be done with sleepers.


On the left you can see a nice raised area – they’ve had the rest of the garden done in gravel, but there’s nothing to stop you from having a raised area alongside a grass lawn. While this person has taken to growing what look like tomato plants that’s not the only thing you can do. Even the least green-thumbed person among us can plant a range of flowers or plants that will add life to a garden. The best bit is that they will all be self-contained by the sleepers, that means no overgrown plants or flowers spilling over onto your lawn. It’s also ideal for any keen gardeners who want to save their back and knees, with the raised bed, picking out weed becomes a lot easier.

They’ve also used sleepers to section off lower areas for growing smaller plants, this again comes with the convenience of having everything contained and easy to maintain.

 Sleeper steps


Next, you can see how these sleepers have been used to create steps up to a garden. The slabs at the bottom meet the sleepers to create two separate areas – a hard standing area like a patio- going up to a grass area. Some of your gardens might already be separated this way, but the sleepers here are visually more appealing than just concrete steps. They’ve also filled in the steps with decorative pebbles, this creates a real contrast to the slabs below and the lawn above, and isn’t expensive to do.

Sleeper Raised
This one is slightly different, It’s only a slight raise – so no need for steps but it still creates two distinct areas of the garden. Using sleepers to raise the level of your garden is a great way to deal with a sloped garden – instead of one long hill create two flat spaces perfect for outdoor entertaining.


This is just a small selection of what you can do with softwood sleepers, I’ve seen it used to create seating areas as well. So if you’re looking to transform your outdoor space in Spring 2020 you can do a lot with just this one product.


You can see our sleepers in action at Our Nottingham Road Depot, with the best landscaping display in Derby.