The Best 3 Laser Levels to Fit Every Budget

The Best 3 Laser Levels to fit every Budget

Why You Should Invest in a Laser Level:

Using a laser level can save you a lot of time and effort compared to using manual tools. Laser levels deliver a much more convenient and accurate way of establishing levels, and can be used by anyone, from people doing DIY at home to professionals on construction sites. Our range of laser levels can fit every budget, so if you are thinking of investing in one, keep reading!


IMEX L2G Mini Green Beam Crossliner

The best option if you’re on a budget

The IMEX L2G mini green beam crossliner is a great laser level to fit even the smallest budget, it has a working time of approximately 16 hours, comes with an elevating tripod for easier use, and has both a horizontal and a vertical high visibility green beam with a 20m range. It is ideal for all indoor tasks and is a great set-out laser for people doing DIY, or semi-professionals. It is also small, compact, and convenient, so is ideal to carry around as it also comes with a canvas bag.


If you are someone who wants to do some DIY, is just starting out, or doesn’t have the budget for a more expensive laser level then this mini green beam crossliner is perfect for you.

IMEX LX3DR Cross Line Laser Level

The best option if you have a slightly higher budget but still don’t want to spend too much

The IMEX LX3DR cross line laser level is for those who have a slightly higher budget, this laser level has a working time of approximately 20 hours, has a working distance of 30m (80m with detector), and has 1 horizontal 360° beam & 2 vertical 360° beams. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, so is perfect for any outside, or inside job. This laser level is both a drop test and oven temperature winner, so is perfect for a construction site setting where there are risks of it being dropped or damaged. It is ideal for shopfitting and cabinet installation, wall partitions, window and door placement, and steel fabrication alignment and set out.


If you are planning to do a construction job yourself and need a laser level that will work both outside and inside, or you are a professional that wants to move away from manual tools, then this is perfect for you.

IMEX i66R Horizontal Rotating Laser Level

If you want the best in the range, then this is the option for you

The IMEX i66R horizontal rotating laser level is the leader in value for everyday laser levelling, with a huge working distance of 400m, and a working time of around 40 hours, this is one of the best in its range. The i66R can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is ideal for construction projects where you will need to shoot a horizontal beam around a room, and also outdoor projects, where it can be used with a laser detector and grade rod for both digging down and building up. It is easy to use, with a 30 second set-up time it will help save a lot of time and effort.


If you are a professional in the construction field, and are looking for something top of the range, then the i66R rotating laser level is perfect for you.