Welcome to our New Website


Thanks for taking a look at "version 1" of our new website. This is the biggest and boldest website that Browns has ever had. There’s 1000’s of products to browse through.

At the moment it’s not finished. Have a look deep enough and you’ll see we are missing a few photos and the descriptions aren’t the most detailed but we are working on it. Every week we will be adding more photos, more products and more descriptions with all the relevant data sheets.


We are trying to make sure ours is the only site you’ll need for every bit of information, whether you’re having a new patio or building a house.


It won’t stop there

For any new customers we aim to have all our prices online in June/July, so you can "click and collect" or book deliveries for anything you want.

By September we want to have all our existing customers logging in to their own online account. Here’s you’ll be able to:

Check your own prices

Check your statement and invoices

Place orders for collection

Organise your deliveries

And much more


All online, whenever you want. Quoting a customer when we are shut? No problem log onto your account, build your quote and get your exact prices from a few clicks.

In a matter of months you’ll be able to do everything you can do instore on our website.

If you think anything is missing or in the wrong place please email



or give us a call