Countdown to Spring 2020: Part 2

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here.


Another week – another top seller

It’s now nine weeks to go until Spring, so we are going to carry on our countdown of our best sellers from Spring last year so you can get some inspirations.

Digby Natural Sandstone

This has been a staple at Browns for many years now and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. The variety of colours make Sandstone a fashionable choice for a patio these days – it offers a unique look compared to concrete equivalents. It’s also hardwearing enough to deal with whatever family life throws at it.


Something like the above in forest glen would look at home in any garden, the mixture of colours compliments the grass perfectly. A Sandstone circle is an ideal way to create an open space, perfect for entertaining. Combine that will some Walling and you have an ideal gathering areas.


Here you can see a Sunset slab used as a path, it’s far superior to an ordinary grey concrete path.


There’s also masses of accessories to choose from that perfectly compliment a Sandstone patio – here we can see some Granite Sawn and Tumbled Setts.


This is the second in our series of countdown to spring – one a week until Spring is upon us. To see the rest go to our News section.


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